Restaurant Djordje is the famous Belgrade restaurant, known for its incredible specialties of global and regional cuisine. For decades team of chefs at Djordje has been creating gastronomic masterpieces, prepared from carefully selected class ingredients.

Located at one of the most beautiful mansions in the city setting, Djordje combines modern and traditional aspects in the descreet manner- the quality for which Belgrade is also well-known.

A perfect place for organizing intimate weddings and important events.

Four separated rooms and areas are perfect for organizing simultaneous and important events.

Each day is started with an excellent breakfast, selection of finest delicacies. Reclusive parts of Serbia, the region and Europe are places where we search for cheeses and meat.

Soups with homemade noodles, potages and thick soups of incredible taste will reveal world with richness of tastes and aromas.

All specialties are made with top quality meat. Here, striving for quality at all costs serves as basis for creating fantastic tastes and masterpieces.

Almost every day, fresh fish from Adriatic fishnets is procured.

The best pasta is the only real thing if it`s made from the freshest eggs, finest flour with a touch of true passion for good food. That kind of pasta you will find in Djordje.

Salads at Djordje are superb works of art for we belive that you must be fascinated by our salads.

Preparation of finest delicacies that bring back memories of finest food from childhood starts before dawn. Specialties made by our grannies are inspiration for us and we give them an unforgettable charm.

We know that the best risotto takes a lot of skill and the best ingredients.