Get up stand up

We are starting our regular “Get up stand up” program in Djordje Bistro next Thursday! You will have the opportunity to see Ivan Tomić’s stand up "Čiča Tomićeva koliba" on 15th of September. It ‘s a 60 min show for everyone tired of reality shows, cheap TV shows, and political speeches. Enjoy!

Autumn in Djordje

Dear guests, This Wednesday at 20pm, we are starting with our regular Autumn musical programme in Djordje. Our first guest will be the first lady of jazz, pop and soul - Irena Blagojević!
In Shakespeare Street, on May 15th, 1980., Djordje and Dragica Stanisic have opened the first private restaurant in Belgrade. Today, in a different location and with a new team, with the help and support of Djordje and Gaga, restaurant Djordje is celebrating 36 years of existence! Come and celebrate with us the tradition and new beginnings during next week!

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