Summer Brunch

Sunday, 15.06.2017. - 13h.

Summer brings easy going lifestyle and special culinary adventure which needs to be experienced in the right way. Together with first hot days Light Summer Brunch arrives in restaurant Djordje. At out well known address you will find ideal summer menu, with high energy level yet perfectly light. Treat yourself with the best end of the week and relax with top specialities which our cook is preparing with great culinary knowledge. Book your table and enjoy perfect summer day on Sunday, 25.06. in Moravska 10, from 13h.

Saturday, 24.06.2017. - 20h

Time for brazilian night! Join us.

Whether it comes to intimate breakfast, a romantic dinner or some other significant moment!
In Shakespeare Street, on May 15th, 1980., Djordje and Dragica Stanisic have opened the first private restaurant in Belgrade. Today, in a different location and with a new team, with the help and support of Djordje and Gaga, restaurant Djordje is celebrating 36 years of existence! Come and celebrate with us the tradition and new beginnings during next week!

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